Why Jazz Is the Most Stimulating Genre of Music According To Science

Jazz is one genre of music everyone seems to adore. Have you actually listened to jazz? How did it make you feel? It’s one of the most stimulating genres of music and while you might think that’s a load of rubbish, it isn’t in all honesty. OK, so the science says it’s stimulating but take away the science and you will see how much an effect it has on your mind and body. So, why is jazz the genre of music that is the most stimulating?

Effecting the Hormones

As you might be aware, the hormones within the body can sometimes determine the type of mood someone has. For example, when someone listens to an upbeat song, it gets the hormones working hard and when a sad or slow song is played, it can play on the heartstrings of the hormones. It’s really quite  interesting which is why scientists believe listening to more jazz can help increase the mood of those feeling down. Music as a whole is really interesting and more people use music therapy to help improve health and wellbeing and it seems as though jazz can be added to the list. In a way, everything someone hears can affect their hormone levels, as well as many other things, and it’s said jazz can impact the mind and body also.

Stimulating the Brain to Think More

Jazz makes you think. By listening to jazz you can actually start to find your brain is stimulated to get more active and take notice of all that’s around them. The brain hears the music and it awakens something deep in the cortex and that really helps the person to remember things or even listen to the music more intently. You don’t understand how much jazz music can affect the body until you hear it for yourself. There are some who find the music really gets them to focus and others who find they are able to remember things they had forgotten about. Stimulation keeps the body alive and kicking.

Is Jazz The Scientific Breakthrough Needed For Brain Functioning?

So, does it mean listening to jazz will solve all those memory problems and brain functioning? In truth, it’s hard to say. Memory problems can exist for a number of reasons and it might not be as simple as listening to music to correct it all. However, music therapy has been around for a number of years and it has the ability to make the mind shut out all distractions and get the mind working and thinking again. It could help stimulate old memories in people as well as help unleash some creativity in others. You might actually be able to create a story surrounding the music you hear and that’s fantastic.

Enjoy the Beauty of Jazz

You can’t deny jazz isn’t thought-provoking and in a way, it can make you start to wonder and even develop new ideas and senses of music. If you haven’t really listened to jazz why not start and see what you feel and how it makes your mind react? You don’t know what can help the body until you try and some music therapy can help. Jazz is a great and very stimulating music genre and you never know how stimulating it can be until you try. Love the beauty of jazz music and hopefully you’ll explore new things.